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A Journey Through Uganda

A 9-course private dining experience of

modern Ugandan-Asian fusion cuisine

Discover Ugandan food in a new way

and learn about the culture behind each dish

Table Setting by Window

The Experience

Travel around Uganda on a Dining Table!

A Journey Through Uganda is a highly acclaimed Private Fine Dining experience in Kampala, serving exceptional cuisine within a beautiful, intimate setting. Our aim is to showcase the extraordinary range and taste of Ugandan food to the world, using the best local ingredients on offer. We believe that food is an important window to understanding the diverse culture of this beautiful country. We have prepared a nine-course menu so that you could "travel around Uganda on a dining table"- from Luwombo in Central Uganda, to Angara in the West Nile, to Malewa on Mt Elgon! We are honored to be able to share with you the food and the stories behind them.

Meet Our Chef

Modern Ugandan-Asian fusion cuisine

Eric is originally from Hong Kong. He has been in Uganda for three years and loves the country and its most friendly people. He has travelled extensively in the country and deep into the villages to learn the local way of preparing food. Eric was very impressed by what he saw, and found a lot of simliarities with cooking styles back home in Asia. He embarks on a journey to create an unforgettable and unique tasting menu that integrates the cuisine of the two places that holds dearly to his heart.


Nine-course Tasting Menu

Crispy wings with eshabwe sauce

Fried chicken wings coated in a honey and chili sauce, paired with the prized ghee sauce from Southwest Uganda, served with sweet potato fries

Malewa salad

Smoked bamboo shoots from Mount Elgon, chopped carrots, onions and mushrooms, mixed in a rich peanut dressing

Firinda Soup

Creamy peeled bean soup, usually prepared for weddings in Western Uganda

Rolex Deluxe

Uganda’s famous street food. Eggs, avocado and cabbage rolled up in a soft chapati, topped with sriracha and sweet soy sauce


Matoke stewed in tomato and miso


Dried salted fish hailing from the West Nile, served with anyoya and butter cassava

Luwombo Chicken Pilau

Chicken and pilau rice steamed together with spices in banana leaves


Cow leg braised for six hours in a richly spiced soup

Dessert: Fried Banana with Bongo

Crispy fried sweet bananas with local yoghurt

165,000 UGX

Served with Sipi Falls Coffee/Tea


9-course Tasting Menu


Food Explanations

Opening Hours

Lunch and Dinner Service

Tuesday - Sunday

Lunch 12pm / Dinner 5pm

Please allow 2.5 hours to fully enjoy the experience.

Booking 2 days in advance is essential.


Ready to Serve


Lin L

This is a wonderful food and cultural experience with family and friends. You can enjoy several hours of good food and company at the same time. The menu is an innovative fusion of traditional and updated Uganda food, and with hints of Asian flavors. With 9 different dishes, you can sample a cross-section of regional dishes, which are served in beautiful ceramic bowls. The portions are a good size so you will walk away quite full.


From the perspective of a native this was quite an experience... All the dishes really capture the true essence of the local dishes with ever so a very slight twist. It all starts off with a dish from western Uganda called eshabwe, it's used as a dipping sauce with honey dipped crispy wings. The combination is so tastefully done it's a delight. It's served alongside fried sweet potatoes. ...


The personal stories with every course meant I learnt lots about food in Uganda that I never knew before. Taste was exceptional and the setting was ideal. Loved the intimate location and feeling of getting delicacies right from the chef.